Your home security should come first 

The need to consider home security is growing. Thieves and con men, particularly opportunists, look for vulnerabilities when singling out a home to burgle. Poorly fitted windows, rotting and warped doors, not to mention windows that don’t lock are like red flags to a bull where crime is concerned. That is why thieves looking for easy pickings will always choose a vulnerable home. It makes the job of getting in and out easily and quickly a doddle.

With recorded crime at its highest level for ten years, there has never been a better time to consider how secure your home is. The Office for National Statistics says recorded crime in England and Wales rose by 10 per cent last year, a shocking figure that no homeowner should ignore. With police numbers at one of their lowest levels in more than a decade, burglary is on rise with 10,500 more cases reported last year alone.

Protect your home

You can deter thieves from taking a closer look at your home by ensuring it does not look run-down, neglected or unlived in. Swish Windows and Doors, one of the UK’s leading window and door manufacturers for more than 40 years, has this advice to help you beef up home security:

  • Never leave windows open or unlocked at night or when you are not at home. This is especially important advice where ground floor windows are concerned.
  • Invest in windows with multi-point locking systems and tough, durable glazing. Never buy windows that do not meet the Secure By Design requirements, developed by the police.
  • Ensure doors are robust, impact resistant and secure. Use multi-point locking systems, a spy hole and chain for added protection.
  • Ensure replacement windows and doors are installed by a reputable company. Poorly fitted windows and doors are prime targets for thieves.
  • Get expert advice before investing in new windows and doors to ensure you buy products that improve your home security and don’t make you more vulnerable. This is especially important if one or more of your windows faces an unlit area, alleyway, corner or if you own an end terrace.

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